Story line wise, we’d like to see one of two directions. Either a game that expands upon the universe and story of the series we all love. We would like to know more of Vergil, Nero and Dante past the points they are at so far. Or a grand retelling of the entire franchise. What do we mean by that? We’ll explain further in detail below for Devil May Cry 5.

devil may cry 5
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What will Capcom have in store for us in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5?

Simple, a combined, chronologically correct playthrough of DMC 1-4 with content and such added to tie all the games together. Done to the level, visually anyway, of DMC-4 so that we’re not reinventing that one, just bringing the others up to speed with it. The added content of story and whatnot could answer a lot of questions, and set DMC back on the course it was meant to take, kick the reboot out the door, and set the stage for a proper DMC 5 to come out years later.

This game would also bring in the new gamers to the old time history of DMC. Our wish, though, is that, if done this way, the system of combat is changed, to be one uniform combat system and control method throughout the entire playthrough. So, the feel of the game would have it’s flow. So, a combat system like DMC 4 with styles and such, while going through the entire DMC history to date in a single game with additional story content that fills in the gaps and cliffhangers. Players would wait years for that. Even get a new system for it if they must.

Anyways, this is all just rumors at this point so let us know what you would like to see in the next Devil May Cry 5.


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