We give you our ultimate stealth build in our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Stealth guide. Using this Deus Ex Mankind Divided Stealth Guide you will be able to play through the game without triggering alarms, get past guards without alerting them and remain undetected throughout entire missions. This will let you achieve the Foxiest of Hounds achievement which you get for completing a mission undetected.

deus ex mankind divided stealth guide
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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Stealth Guide – Upgrade the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter

This is your battery and will constantly keep you charged to knock people out and subdue them which is a necessity for a stealth play through. Particularly upgrade the recharge rate and recharge delay.

deus ex mankind divided stealth guide
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Social enhancer

This is really optional and not an absolute necessity. However, it will prevent you from making an absolute scene by forcing you to sneak around to get to an objective instead of just talking your way to it.

Glass shield cloaking aka invisibility

Upgrade it to make the battery consumption super efficient. But don’t worry about the cloak take-down support because you only need to initiate combat while invisible if you absolutely have to. Otherwise, just use the cloak to sneak into and out of places without initiating any contact whatsoever.

Keep a lot of biocells

This is just in case you intend to run through an entire section or area as invisible.

Icarus Dash

Get the Dash upgrade. This will allow you to zip around environments in all directions without being seen. You will get access to areas without cameras or that are not so open. You can knock enemies out using this as well.

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis

Get the optimized musculature upgrade. A lot of secret paths, like back doors and ventilation shafts are located behind heavy objects. With this mod you can lift the heavy objects out of the way to enter the desired location quickly and discreetly.

Killspringer Jump mod

With stealth you want to access as many pathways as possible. And this includes verticality as well. With this upgrade you can leap to extraordinary heights which can let you by-pass enemy patrol routes or even allow you to escape pretty quickly.

Icarus Landing

This just an optional convenience. It’s only for some really extreme situation where you are forced to make heavy compromises like jumping from a roof to avoid capture when there is no other way.

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This is seriously effective. You can be hiding behind cover and wait for the enemy to turn around so you can take him out but then the security camera faces in your direction, forcing you to stay in cover and miss your window of opportunity to make a stealth attack. With the Remote Hacking, however, you can hack the camera, turrets and even access panels/ computers from a distance while hidden. Also, get the Security Domination upgrade for it for maximum benefit.

Smart vision

This will highlight nearby targets in the field of view. Kind of like the Dark Vision in Dishonored 2, only this one consumes battery the longer you keep it turned on.

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