Good news for Deus Ex fans who also happen to be Mac and Linux users. You will soon be able to enjoy Adam Jensen’s adventures on your Mac and Linux machine. Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mac and Linux will be handled by Feral Interactive.

deus ex mankind divided mac
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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mac and Linux coming soon

Feral Interactive is responsible for notable titles like Tomb Raider, Life is Strange, and Sleeping Dogs on Mac and Linux. Feral Interactive is a video games publisher for Mac OS X and Linux platforms. It was founded in 1996 and is based in London, UK. Feral Interactive works with publishers such as Square Enix, 2K Games, Sega, Warner Bros.

There roster of Mac games includes Total War Warhammer and LEGO Star Wars. While for Linux, they made games like F1 2015, Tomb Raider, Company of Heroes 2 and XCOM 2.

The first DLC update for Deus Ex Mankind Divided is called “System Rift”. It will feature the return of Frank Pritchard, Sarif Industries’ head of the cyber-security. In System Rift, you will reunite with Frank Pritchard, Adam’s friend and former colleague at Sarif Industries. Assist him in hunting down information on the mysterious Santeau Group. Desperate to get more information, Pritchard targets one of the most secure data banks ever created. In agreeing to help, Adam may also be able to uncover hints as to who the Illuminati really are.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a cyberpunk-themed action role-playing stealth video game. Eidos Montreal developed it and Square Enix published it. The game allows the player to tackle situations using combat, hacking, stealth, and social interactions. There are some new features. On the fly gun customization, remote hacking, radar with map layouts, and a changed energy system.

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