It’s Xur day over at Destiny, and this time around he can found in Tower North, near the Speaker’s Observatory, near the Speaker. While there’s nothing special about Xur arriving on time, we do know now that a new Destiny expansion is on its way, and this one’s titled “Rise of Iron” (via Kotaku). This leak must no doubt have had a reaction over at Bungie, but for Xur, it’s business as usual. Here’s what he was for this weekend.

Destiny Xur

Xur carries the Universal Remote, an Exotic Primary Shotgun retailing at 17 SC; The Glasshouse, an Exotic Titan Helmet for 13 SC; Khepri’s Sting, Exotic Hunter Gauntlets for 13 SC; Sunbreakers, Exotic Warlock Gauntlets for 13 SC and Legacy Exotic Engram, Armour for 29 SC. Apart from these goods, Xur will have Three of Coins stacks, Motes of Light, Heavy Ammo Synthesis and Sparrows upgrades (green and purple contrails this week).

The highlight, this time, seems to be the cleverly named Universal Remote. Should you get it? Games Radar thinks you shouldn’t. The reason they state is that there are already much better primaries in the game, making this one kind of redundant. They also don’t seem to think very highly of the other items in the game, although the Khepri’s Sting looks rather neat.

What are you going to buy from Xur this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and keep checking back every Friday for more Xur updates.


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