Right on schedule, Xur has arrived in Destiny. This is his first appearance since the melee hotfix added to the game on May 10th. This weekend, he can be found in the Tower, next to the Crucible Quartermaster. Game Rant says you should spawn in the Earth-based social space before heading straight, down the steps, past Eris Morn and Xur should be found on the left hand side.


For sale this time around, Xur has the Twilight Garrison, A Titan Chest Piece for 13 SC; Achlyophage Symbiote, a Hunter Helmet for 13 SC; The STAG, a Warlock Helmet for 13 SC, the Super Good Advice, a Heavy Weapon for 23 SC and a Legacy Helmet Engram for 31 SC. As usual, he will be carrying Three of Coins, sold at 7 SC. Glass Needles cost 3 SC.

The standout piece this time around seems to be the Super Good Advice, but VG247 has put out a whole post on why buying the Super Good Advice is not a Super Good Idea, especially compared to other heavies. They recommend buying it for your collection and ignoring it otherwise.

Xur will be sticking around till May 15th, so make sure you get what you need from him before that date. And remember to keep checking back every week as we cover where Xur is and what you can find at his store.


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