And once again, it’s Xur day in Destiny, which means you can head to the Agent of the Nine for the weekend and shop exotic gear to your heart’s content. Read on to find out where he can be found this weekend, as well as what he has in store for you.

Destiny Xur Location April 1 - 3

This week, Xur will be located in Tower North, opposite the Speaker’s Observatory. Check out the image above to get an idea where. He will be hanging out from today, all the way up till Sunday, April 3rd.

Here’s what Xur will be selling: The Taikonaut (Defence 280, Intellect 36, Strength 31), Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (Defence 280, Strength 57), Apotheosis Veil (Defence 280, Intellect 62), Exotic Engram (Gauntlet) and Legacy Engram (Body Armour). Apart from all this stuff, Xur will have plenty of other stuff for you to spend your Strange Coins on. The Agent of the Nine will be selling Three of Coins stacks, Sparrows upgrades (with blue and green contrails this week), Motes of Light, Heavy Ammo Synthesis and Glass Needles.

Destiny is also slated to get an update soon involving updated exotics, the ability to disable HUD displays, as well as lots of new rewards, loot and gear. You will also be able to apply Chroma to gear and weapons.

What are you going to buy from Xur this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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