It’s E3 week, but that doesn’t stop Xur from arriving in Destiny and peddling his wares to those of us not in LA playing The Legend of Zelda or salivating over Horizon: Zero Dawn. This time around, he can be found in the Tower, in the Vanguard Headquarters. Read on to find out what he has in store for us this weekend.

Destiny Xur

First up, Xur is carrying the Helm of Inmost Light, which provides Death from Above and Headstrong, and is available at 13 SC. Radiant Dance Machines, which is an amazing name for Leg Armor for the Hunter Class, allows you to move more quickly while aiming your weapon and is available at 13 SC. The Impossible Machines are Gauntlets for the Warlock glass that grant Landfall and are available at 13 SC. Thunderlord is an exotic machine gun available at 17 SC (highly recommended, this one). Then there’s your usual Legacy Engram (Body Armor Engram), available at 29 SC.

Other stuff Xur will be selling includes Plasma Drive (23 SC), Emerald Coil (23 SC), Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 SC), Three of Coins (7 SC) and Glass Needles. Xur will be chilling out until Sunday, the 19th of June, so you’d best get whatever you need out of him before then. Of course, if you miss him, he’ll be back next Friday — albeit with a completely different inventory to sell.


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