Xur is back this week in Destiny, and will be staying for the weekend, peddling his wares. This is his first appearance since the launch of this week’s Iron Banner event. This week, he can be found in the Tower, in the Hall of Guardians and next to the Crucible Quartermaster. Read on to find out what he has in store this time around.


This time around, Xur is carrying the coveted Twilight Garrison, a Titan Chest Piece being sold for 13 Strange Coins. Other stuff being sold includes the ATS/8 ARACHNID (Hunter Helmet, 13 SC), The Ram (Warlock Helmet, 13 SC), Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon, 23 SC), Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram (31 SC) and Three of Coins (7 SC).

Apart from these, Xur also has his usual wares: legendary Sparrows upgrades with blue and green contrails this week, Motes of Light and Heavy Ammo Synthesis as well as Glass Needles. Be sure to grab what you need from him: Xur will be sticking around only till May 1st, and will then only reappear next week on Friday, with an all-new range of items to choose from (although stuff like the Sparrows upgrades, Motes of Light and so on will likely be constant).

What are you going to buy from Xur this week? Let us know in the comments below.


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