Our Destiny Wrath of the Machine Siege Engine Guide will be a complete tutorial on how to win that encounter. This is actually one of the easiest bosses in Destiny so far. The reason for this is because there’s a very simple trick that can let you take down this boss without any problems.

destiny wrath of the machine siege engine guide
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Destiny Wrath of the Machine Siege Engine Guide

The siege engine is actually a very quick and easy section. It’s not even that challenging but more fun than anything, to be honest. A really creative encounter too in our opinion.

Don’t let the enemies that spawn pile up. Take some time from shooting at the siege engine to take those pesky enemies down. You will need the special ammo available in that area to get some damage done to the engine. The engine is going to be coming towards you. Use the special ammo to snipe the two turrets on it. Once you do that, the core will be exposed. You should shoot that as well.

After that, the left portion of the engine will blow up and reveal a giant gap. Jump through it and onto the siege engine. Familiarize yourself with three empty slots on the engine which have to be repaired. There’s a green, blue and yellow one. Just look at the spots where they are located so you can keep that in mind for later on.

Final phase

Once the siege engine bulldozes the wall. Run past the engine and defeat the captain and his minions that spawn at the skiff at the end of the wall. This will result in three engine parts dropped off. These are the ones you need to place at the locations we told you to memorize previously. These three parts will get the engine repaired and get it moving again.

This is the trickiest part because you will have to continuously drop the engine parts to fight off the spawning enemies. The best way to deal with this is to have someone watching your back at all times. However, each person can only carry the part for ten seconds before they get exhausted. So, when you are exhausted and drop the engine part, quickly let someone else carry it. That way the engine parts will always be on the move.

Once you get to the engine, someone needs to go on top and kill Maxis the Engineer. After he is killed, a staircase is popped down. This will allow people to go to the designated engine locations and place the parts. Once that’s done, the encounter is pretty much over and you can watch the siege engine ram through walls and enemies before falling off the bridge. Make sure you get off the engine before it falls off.

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