We’ll show you how to get the Destiny Wrath of the Machine Outbreak Prime Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle. This is going to take a long grind but we have a shortcut method. Make sure you’re doing this with friends. You should have a Titan, Warlock and Hunter in your group. The raid needs to be completed twice. One of you picks up the quest and the other one completes it while you pick up the second one. Basically, two raid completions in one day.

destiny wrath of the machine outbreak prime exotic raid pulse rifle
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Destiny Wrath of The Machine Outbreak Prime Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle guide

Your fire team should comprise of two of each class – Hunter, Warlock and Titan. This is the optimal group for this quest because the team can break in half with one doing the other part. On your first raid completion, make sure you activate all of the monitors. If you don’t know where 4 of the 5 monitors are, check out this guide we put out.

The tricky part is activating the last monitor. Clear out the server room. Four from your fire team need to go in the big room with the diamond. The other two must stay in the server room. Opposite ends of the corridor will have two monitors. Get one fire team on one and the other on the second monitor. Each member of the fire team in the cube room need to stand in the balcony. Overlooking the balcony will be a miniature platform with buttons. This is the hardest part of this guide and we recommend you look at this Reddit post for a detailed guide. We want to focus on getting the Exotic Pulse rifle here.

Anyways once you go through that part, a pyramid will open. This will contain the last monitor. Turn it on and collect the chest. You’ll get an Exotic Engram and an Emblem.

Hard part is over

Finish the raid and go to the hidden room with the laser grid. As always, if you don’t know where it is, you can check out our monitor guide. Open the chest. Basically, this is where the exotic quest begins.

Now, break of into two teams. Each team should have one from each class as mentioned earlier. Visit Shiro. He’ll ask you to complete steps with each of the class. First step is to complete the Nightfall Strike. Second step involves completing public events in the Plaguelands. Third step involves Crucible Matches and Hero Strikes. Finally, get kills with a Pulse Rifle (50 kills).

After doing first step, you need to enter a certain code in your engine. For Warlock the code is 31313. Hunter – 23223. Titan – 32323. remember, when you’re entering code into SIVA Engine, top is number one, middle is two and bottom is three. Once all your fellow Guardians in the party have done this, the last slot will unlock.

The codes after the second step are: Warlock – 24414, Hunter – 13334 and Titan – 42123. One is top and four is bottom.

Now, when you talk to Shiro, he will tell you to complete the raid once more. If your other team manages to complete this at the same time, you can all do this quest at the same time.

Final Step for Destiny Wrath of The Machine Outbreak Prime Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle

Use the converter to input the codes into the SIVA engine once again. Without this it would have taken a lot of time . So, this definitely makes the process shorter. Once everybody in your party has done it, it’s over. Go to Shiro and collect your Destiny Wrath of The Machine Outbreak Prime Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle.


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