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This will be our complete Destiny Wrath of the Machine Final Boss Guide. Archon Prime is the final boss in the Wrath of the Machine raid. The encounter isn’t much of an issue for the Light level. If you’re above 365, the boss should be a piece of cake. However, the important thing about this counter is communicating with your team. Here is our Destiny Wrath of the Machine Final Boss Guide.

destiny wrath of the machine final boss guide
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Destiny Wrath of the Machine Final Boss Guide

Communication, movement, and thinking on your feet are the three main things to keep in mind. If you think on your feet and are pragmatic you can definitely overcome this boss. Firstly, split your group into two people in left, right and middle of the room. Simply kill the Shank that spawns while keeping an eye for the SIVA swarms. If he shoots the SIVA swarms, just back up and don’t get trapped by them.

destiny wrath of the machine final boss guide
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Now, three of the players in your group will receive a random buff. This is where communication comes in. One of each should be on the left, right, and middle of the room. If someone’s switching side, he needs to adequately communicate so the whole team knows. A captain will spawn on each side of the room. Two from your team, one with and one without the buff, need to go and kill them. Make sure there are two more groups of twos like this for each side of the room.

destiny wrath of the machine final boss guide
via youtube

Take care of the captains

The person without the buff needs to pick up the canon that drops after killing the captain. For the captains, we recommend an exotic sword for a clean and easy kill. Charge up your canon shot by holding the trigger and then release to kill the Shock Servitor that corresponds to your canon. When the Servitors are killed, they will drop SIVA charges.

destiny wrath of the machine final boss guide
via youtube

Now, this is where the Empowered buff players come in handy. Those with the canons need to be on the move killing the Servitors. The Empowered buff players need to pick up the SIVA charge and toss it at the boss. The Empowered people shouldn’t leave their respective areas and just wait for a Servitor to die so they can pick up the SIVA charge to throw. If someone dies, it is very important to communicate who died, so the team may know whether it was someone with the Empowered buff or the Canon.

After the boss spawns from his location

When all three SIVA charges are tossed at the boss, its shields will go down. Now comes the most difficult part of the encounter. Make sure there’s an Empowered person on each of the three sides of the room. This is because Axis will spawn to either one of those locations and it will be up to the Empowered person to start the damage phase so that shooting him will cause damage. The Empowered buff will shift randomly around people, hence communication is key. The middle position is extra hard because there are two separate places in the middle where Axis can spawn. Front-middle and back-middle. So, make sure there is a really skilled and fast Empowered person in the middle.

destiny wrath of the machine final boss guide
via youtube

The final phase

Once you beat him on one side, he will teleport to some other side. Now, just repeat the whole process. After a while, he will spawn back to the original location where he was invulnerable. He will spawn a SIVA blast that will kill everyone in the room. To avoid dying, jump onto one of the four pillars at the back of the room. Now repeat the entire process and you will eventually kill him.

Let us know what you think of our Destiny Wrath of the Machine Final Boss Guide.


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