With The Division’s launch earlier this month, the ball is now in Destiny’s court when it comes to stepping up the MMO shooter genre, and it doesn’t look like Bungie is slacking. While there has been no news of substance in the past few weeks, Bungie has been teasing what we might see in the future of Destiny’s storyline.


Bungie has been providing a weekly livestream that covers various parts of the game, and the one that aired last week covered the game’s music. Voice actor Kirsten Potter, who plays Mara Sov was a guest with the audio team and she has revealed some interesting new details about her character.

It seems that Sov, last seen getting caught up in a blast, is indeed alive. Creative Story Lead CJ Cowen revealed more about the character’s future:

“We had spent two of three years working on the previous version of the queen, where she was the pirate she described, very powerful, and had the lower, deeper voice that got gritty in an amazing way. We felt like if we could start at a different spot and get to that eventually, this is totally spoiling like Destiny 2020 or something. When we get to that world down the road where that original pirate Queen comes out, I think it’s going to be a really powerful moment.”

It’s unclear when Sov will actually be back: perhaps the only real details we’ll get on this are when Bungie decides to reveal their 2016 roadmap. With Destiny 2’s release fast approaching, we hope this reveal comes sooner rather than later.


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