Destiny Rise of Iron Trials of Osiris returns soon with new armor and weapons for the taking. These include new flawless weapons for those that go to the lighthouse and a whole array of new PvP options. The Lighthouse gear will be some of the best new legendary gear in the game. Here’s a look at all the loot you will be getting.

destiny rise of iron trials of osiris
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Destiny Rise of Iron Trials of Osiris – Weapons

If you make it back to the Lighthouse you’ll have a chance at getting of those four adept primaries. Hand cannon, Pulse Rifle, Assault Rifle and Auto Rifle. This time they come in gold. Also, they all have Snapshot as an intrinsic perk. Many of the weapons have perks that offer a great deal of versatility for multiple game modes. In other words, you can tune them to be great against other Guardians in the Crucible or against minions of Darkness in the world of Destiny.


Exile’s Student – This weapon can be tuned for PvE and PvP. PvE players will find that this weapon is amazing because of Firefly and Explosive rounds. PvP players will find it useful because of Range Finder, Hammer Forged and Hand Loaded.

Vision Stone – This auto rifle has an intermediate archetype between its rate of fire and damage. That means it’s going to perform similarly to the Monte Carlo and other Exotic Auto Rifles. This one is really good in PvE because you can get this in crowd control. However, it’s also good for those who like stability.

Burning Eye – This Scout Rifle has interesting perks. It has explosive rounds and lots of different things with utility functions. The archetype is really great in PvE because it is the same as many high impact rifles. However, it’s not so good at PvP unless you’re very passive.

Blind Perdition – This is a Pulse Rifle that can reach maximum stability. And its perks include those like Hand Loaded, High Caliber Rounds, Outlaw Encounter Balance.

Special Weapons

The Winged Word – It’s the same kind of archetype as the Long Bow Synthesis. The perks include Perfect Balance, Injection Mold, Unflinching, Hand Loaded, Snap Shot.

Unraveling Thread – It’s a shotgun with a slightly higher fire rate than normal. The gun has slightly more range as well. It also has Range Finder which is excellent as far as PvP is concerned. However, it’s also fully automatic making it a PvE preferred weapon.

Stellar Vestige – This one has an interesting mix of usable perks. These include Perfect Balance, Snap Shot and Range Finder. More importantly, it’s the same archetype as Plan C. Meaning it has the potential of being a very usable rifle in PvP and PvE.

Destiny Rise of Iron Trials of Osiris – Armor

There’s new armor for all three classes. For Hunters it’s themed around cats or lions. Titans armor is inspired from Scarab. Finally, the Warlock armor appears to be heavily inspired from cobras.

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