We’ll be going over all the new loot items available in Destiny Rise of Iron Strikes. So, of course, all of these are obtained by using a Skeleton Key. You will use it on a chest. Consequently, it will spawn at the end of the Strike after you kill the boss. We’ll be showing you all the new items and tell you what to expect when you hop into a Strike.

destiny rise of iron strikes
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Destiny Rise of Iron Strikes – Abomination Heist

There are two things available here. Firstly, that’s the Devil Dawn Sniper. It’s the new super high impact sniper. However, keep in mind that the perks are fixed on it. Furthermore, the only thing that does change is the element of damage. Secondly, next item is an armored piece for the Hunter. They are gauntlets. These are called the Mongrel Ogre’s Wrath. It’s got grenade perks and Hand Canon reloader perks.

Sepiks Perfected

The Devil’s Dawn is available here again. The armored piece is for the Warlock. It’s called the Sepik’s Deposed Bond. The item looks okay and is nothing special in our opinion. Moving on.

Wretched Eye

Once again you will get the Devil’s Dawn as a loot item for this Strike. Armored piece available here is for the Titan. It’s called the Anathema Canon Mark. At the moment, it appears to be quite rare since we haven’t come across anyone wearing it.

We understand most of the people will be going for the Devil’s Dawn Sniper rifle. Good news for these players because they now have the option among three Strikes if they want that sniper. Let us know in the comments if you were able to get your hand on the Anathema Canon Mark. Let us know what you think of the new Destiny Rise of Iron Strikes and the loot items found therein.


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