We’ll be discussing Splicer keys and intel items in this Destiny Rise of Iron Splicer guide. These are two collectible items that can be put to use in the Plaguelands. Consequently, Let’s start with the relays.

destiny rise of iron splicer guide
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Destiny Rise of Iron Splicer Guide – Splicer Intel Relays

These have a rare chance of dropping in the wild. Not only that but they also have just a single use. Furthermore, you can take them to the Highland area where you first start the game. These relays often come with special attached challenges.

After using one relay you would have to kill some monsters in Highways. Additionally, Splicer intel relays give you access to the Khvostov exotic quest too.

Splicer Keys

Splicer keys are easier to find but have more uses. They can be used to access any laser door that you find in the Plaguelands. Initially, this doesn’t seem as important as the Intel relays. However, there are several things that can be contained behind these laser doors.

Many of the areas that are locked away will contain an Iron Batalax. Furthermore, there will be a whole variety of Fallen to murder. Two chests containing resources above the Planetary Type M Glimmer and SIVA fragments as well.

Additionally, Splicer Keys can be used to buy back into the Argon’s Forge. This means more chances o loot from that particular activity.

How to find both items?

Both of these items can be found in the Plaguelands. Splicer keys can drop randomly off any enemies. However, both Splicer keys and intel relays have a higher chance of dropping from specific major names in the Plaguelands.

The Hive in the Plaguelands will sometimes be led by a Brood Mother or Brood Enforcer. They are named Hive Mothers and Hive Knights respectively. Killing Splicer emissaries will also give you the required items.

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