Welcome back Guardians. We realized a lot of you are tried grinding endlessly for the coveted Destiny Rise of Iron Silver Dust. So, we discovered a brand new glitch that allows you to pile up loads of silver dust through a neat dismantling trick. You probably never heard of this before and must be glad to hear that there’s a shortcut to get loads of Silver Dust. Silverdust is new to rise of iron, you get them from “radiant treasure opening”. “Radiant treasures” also drop Ornaments, which can be dismantled and allow you to get more silverdust, with this “silverdust glitch” in dismantling them one by one.

destiny rise of iron silver dust
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Destiny Rise of Iron Silver Dust Glitch – Here’s how it works

If you go into your Ornaments section or when you’re opening radiant treasures, you’ll get duplicate versions of the same ornaments. Let’s say you have a Crucible Assassin that gives you five silver dust when you dismantle it. Use Destiny item manager and make sure you’re already transferring ones.

Transfer only one, belonging to those you want to dismantle, to your Vault. Then dismantle it to get the Silver Dust. Now, get the other one back. and dismantle that one to get more Silver Dust. If you have them stacked you’ll lose both of them so make sure you have only one in the Vault at a time.

Destiny Rise of Iron Silver Dust is very useful for buying certain quest related items like the Gray Scale Lens. This defensive item will give everything a shade of grey. Then, you’ll be required to complete certain objectives while wearing it to complete a quest. Let us know what you think about this Destiny Rise of Iron Silver Dust glitch we found. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more Destiny Rise of Iron related material.


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