Destiny Rise of Iron is live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and you can check out the patch notes right here. Furthermore, there are some very notable changes here. Furthermore, we’ll try our best to summarize the Destiny Rise of Iron patch notes so you can see what’s new.

destiny rise of iron patch notes
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You will need the base game Destiny to play the new expansion. Furthermore, a minimum character level of 40 is needed to play this DLC. Consequently, the New Vanguard and Crucible bounties are now available. Year 2 Moment of Triumph will end at 10:00am PDT on 9/20/16. It cannot be progressed after that.


Daily heroics will now include from all previous years. Light has been increased to 350. Vanguard Playlist is now called The Taken War Strike Playlist but is otherwise unchanged. The SIVA Crisis Playlist consists of Taken King and Rise of Iron Strikes at 320 Light. Taken War Heroic Strike Playlist is available for players who have not purchased Rise of Iron and is accessible in the Vanguard Strike Playlist page. The SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist is now available to players who have purchased Rise of Iron. This Playlist replaces the Taken War Heroic Playlist in the Vanguard Strike Playlist.


Normal Strikes will now grant rewards up to 340 Light. Heroic Strikes will now grant rewards up to 365 Light. Strike-specific Skeleton Keys now drop in the Nightfall Strike and the SIVA Crisis Heroic and Taken War Strike Playlists. Skeleton Keys allow you to open Strike Hoards to guarantee a Strike-unique reward. Strike unique rewards will now drop up to 385 Light. Nightfall will now reward the player with Ghosts less often so other rewards will drop more often. Players can receive one free Radiant Treasure per account through their first Heroic Strike Playlist completion per week. Variks will now grant Weapons and Armor for Challenge of the Elders scorecard completions up to 365 Light.


  • Fixed an issue where, after enough kills were accumulated, players would never see Uncommon item drops again. This resulted in players being starved of weapon and armor materials
  • Uncommon drops will be in addition to, not in place of, Rare and Legendary drops
  • Rare and Legendary Engrams will now attempt to give you rewards equal to or higher than your current Light
  • Rare Engrams can now decode up to 340 Light
  • Legendary Engrams can now decode up to 365 Light
  • Legendary Engram Light value will slow from their fast progress at 350, up to 365
  • Within that range, Engrams will grant the player something with higher Light about half the time
  • Exotic Engrams can now decode up to 385 Light

You can read rest of the patch notes on Bungie’s site. We decided to include only the very important ones here. Let us know what you think of the Destiny Rise of Iron patch notes.


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