We will go through the new update Destiny Rise of Iron Patch 2.4.1 notes and everything new. This new update brought some interesting additions and changes to destiny such as brand new exotic weapon ornaments for weapons like the bad juju and thorn. There is also a new kiosk in the tower which is a holiday collection kiosk for festival of the lost masks. In addition there are numerous changes and fixes to destiny generally such as the light cap being raised to 400 light with new hard mode raid gear and the lighthouse having an interesting tweak.

destiny rise of iron patch 2.4.1
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Destiny Rise of Iron Patch 2.4.1 details

Firstly, what’s been brought into the update is some brand new ornaments to some of the exotic weapons. Furthermore, Bad Juju now has a Dragonsbane and Hodoom ornaments. Also, Thorn has Rose of Acid and Rose of Corruption.

Furthermore, Horn Relays from Sparrow Racing League are no longer used to upgrade Rare Quality Horns. Also, all players will receive 15 Silver Dust as compensation for this change to Horn Relays. Gjallar Horn will no longer dismantle into a Horn Relay. A new Holiday Collection is now available to allow you to reclaim your Festival of the Lost Masks.

Crucible Emblems have been split into two new categories: Crucible and Trials of Osiris. The Sparrow Collection will now allow you to reclaim your Legendary Sparrow Horns. The Shaders Iris Germanica, Mercurial Dawn, Surfbreaker, Nebula Glow, Sulfur Burnish, and Electric Aquarius can now be used and seen in the Shader Collection by all three Classes.

Inferno Elimination is now available in Private Matches. The Lighthouse on Mercury is now a social space that can accommodate up to 9 players with a Flawless Trials Passage. SIVA Strike Playlist will now drop rewards up to 365 Light. Heroic SIVA Strike Playlist will now drop rewards up to 385 Light. Archon’s Forge can now drop rewards up to 385 Light.

You can read the rest of the patch notes on official Bungie forums. Let us know your thoughts about the new Destiny Rise of Iron Patch 2.4.1.


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