A new section of Destiny Rise of Iron OWL Sector has opened up to reveal what is being referred to as the “SIVA SIM.” This could have something to do with the Wrath of the Machine Raid, the 5th monitor, the raid exotic weapon or even something greater.

destiny rise of iron owl sector
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Destiny Rise of Iron Owl Sector mystery unravels more

Just when we thought this rabbit hole couldn’t go any deeper, something has come back up with Owl Sector. People revisited the site and clicked on “Open Owl Sector Records”. It led them to a new a screen which featured a whole jumble of code and the SIVA signal. Also, there were a few instructions that weren’t clear. This has got the entire community interested once again.

SIVA is something we still don’t completely understand. This is a Destiny Rise of Iron Owl Sector related thing. Owl Sector is, of course, one of the most interesting ARGs that we’ve ever seen. It popped up with real code in-game. Many speculate that this might have something to do with unlocking the fifth monitor. If that indeed is the case, it might unlock an exotic weapon.

However, it could lead to something else as well. We believe this ARG could be a prelude to Rise of Iron. When we do finally discover what all of it means, we hope to jump in it properly with all of you.

Head over to Reddit if you want to get more details on this new ARG. Visit the Owl Sector website as well to see the mysterious code and everything related. Let us know what you think of this Destiny Rise of Iron Owl Sector mystery. We’ll keep you updated as the mystery unravels further. We do believe Bungie won’t go through all this just to provide Exotic raid items.


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