We’ll be talking about all the new Destiny Rise of Iron news. Many things are coming up soon for the game include the Hard Mode and Challenge Mode in Wrath of The Machine Raid. We’ll also talk about some of the new gear we can expect., Bungie Bounties and other stuff.

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Destiny Rise of Iron introducing a whole set of new changes in future updates

Bungie announced the hard mode raid Wrath of The Machine for October 18. In this raid there’s still a lot of gear missing. Pulse Rifle, Hand Canon, Sniper, Side Arm and Machine Gun. The hard mode gear looks amazing as well. The only difference between this and normal mode, in terms of gear, is that the ornaments emit a kind of SIVA effect.

The way for you to get that gear is Challenge mode which is yet to be announced. It could be that this mode might arrive a little bit later after the Heroic Mode. Last year, with King’s Fall, they launched the Challenge Mode a few weeks after Hard Mode.

We have yet to see how Wrath of The Machine will change between Normal and Hard Mode. The challenges might be different as well. Some stuff to make game mode less forgiving will probably include not having the ability to revive your teammates and something else along that line.

Bungie Bounty

This will start next week on Wednesday. Bungie will pick people from their Twitch chat and it’s going to be held in private matches. Chosen players might go against each other or together in Crucible. Winners will get Sign of Opposing Will emblem. This is one of the rarest emblems in the game.

There are also some issues with Destiny Rise of Iron which Bungie highlighted on their website.

“The following issues are currently being investigated by internal teams:

The S-39 Lightrider Sparrow is not currently available through Crucible Reputation Packages.

Dusty Iron Engrams are incorrectly rewarding Legendary Marks when dismantled.

Some players may be unable to reclaim Rise of Iron Crucible Emblems from the Collection in the Tower:

Vigilant Disciple

Solar Labor

Ironwood Alight

The New Wolf Pack

Additionally, we are investigating player reports that the Trophy/Achievement “Student of History” is not unlocking when players collect and attune all Iron Lord Artifacts. If you are currently experiencing this issue, please follow the troubleshooting steps within this Help Article. If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, please post a report to the Help forum.”

Let us know what you think of Destiny Rise of Iron so far. Are you enjoying Iron Banner? Let us know in the comments.


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