We found some Destiny Rise of Iron New Exotics that we decided to share with you. These include Nemesis Star, Shinobu’s Vow and Thagomisers and much more. We were able to find a lot of the new exotic weapons and armor including an exotic heavy machine gun called the Nemesis star, exotic gauntlets like shinobu’s vow and exotic boots like the Fr0st EE5. The perks that go with these exotics offer a range of options to mold your play style. Destiny Rise of Iron is live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so be sure to check it out. You need to be at least Level 40 to play it.

destiny rise of iron new exotics
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Destiny Rise of Iron New Exotics – Ophidian Aspect

It gives faster melee attack speed and a grenade throw range. You’ll also get the Viper Titanic perk. It gives you improved energy drain, faster weapon reload speed and faster weapon draw.


These bulky gauntlets come with One Two Punch perk. This gives you an extra melee charge and also an Amplifier Perk on Striker Titans for free. Amplifier reduces the cooldown of your Super when you get a kill with the Storm Fist.

Shinobu’s Vow

This exotic comes with a new perk called New Tricks. It gives Hunters an extra skit grenade charge and improves the tracking of skit grenades.

Nemesis Star

It’s similar to the Zombie Apocalypse in terms of the archetype. The Spray-n-Play perk. Furthermore, there is the Extinction Cycle. This means that the weapons initial burst will have the higher rate of fire. Strange Gravity compliments this by allowing the weapon to have better aim and accuracy.


These exotic boots will give you a tighter turn radius while sprinting. Furthermore, while sprinting, you will be able to regenerate your melee and grenade much more quickly.

Let us know what you think of the Destiny Rise of Iron New Exotics.


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