Twitch streamer “Say No To Rage” appears to be the Patient Zero for the XP buff virus we are seeing in the Crucible. He got the buff while he was streaming. The buff was very strange. Right after getting the buff, an account by the name of Owl Sector put a comment on their stream which read “We’ve detected an unidentified new intrusion in your system Guardian. Stay calm, we’ll investigate.” On the Twitch page of the account, there is a link to a website called This took everybody by surprise and we’ll elaborate on the Destiny Rise of Iron mystery below.

destiny rise of iron
via owlsector

Destiny Rise of Iron New ARG surrounding Rise of Iron

We go down deep in the rabbit hole to decode the mystery so far. The buffs appear to originate from the Lost City of Mars, more specifically from the Dust Palace Clovis Bray research facility.

Clovis Bray is a group that is responsible for SIVA. This is further reinforced by the fact that the buffs themselves are pretty similar to SIVA’s form. This could mean they have the potential to do more harm than good, although at the moment they are exclusively doing good.

The Owl Sector describes the buffs as electronic mice.Given that SIVA is nano-technology, we can absolutely confirm this is something related to SIVA. The site itself is slowly unlocking overtime. In the first series of logs in Owl Sector, there are a group of people discussing the outbreak. You can take a look at all the logs to see the entire discussion. One peculiar thing we noticed was that if you change the language from English to Spanish, you can see the names of the Guardians being referenced in the log dialogues.

Users on Reddit are theorizing that the word OWL could stand for Orbital Weapons Lancet. This could mean that there is an orbital weapon that lands a heavy metal rod into the earth. This could create a shockwave with devastating effects.

As the story continue to unfolds, there appear to be links to Warmind Rasputin as well. However, they are too obscure at this point to be mentioned in full context. We’ll keep you updated with more Destiny Rise of Iron rumors and leaks.