We’ll give you some Destiny Rise of Iron Light tips for leveling up really fast. You can use this method to get to the 385 Light level and the 400 level which is the absolute max. We’ll be going over in details what activities are best to do at what level and how to manage your gear to get the most Light possible. Additionally, we’ll give you some of our best tips for you to keep in mind when grinding through the progression.

destiny rise of iron light tips
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Destiny Rise of Iron Light Tips for leveling up

Generally, to get anywhere near 340 just use Blues. The general bounties, raids, patrols, quests, and some easy Strike playlist. Absolutely do not open Legendaries. Also, don’t open Exotics no matter how tempting it maybe at first. It’s best to hold on to them until you get Level 340. Those Exotics and Legendaries will definitely come in handy once you reach Level 340.

The real grind comes between Level 340 and 355. If you can get through this without opening any Legendaries or Exotics, you will definitely be setup with a really good advantage. However, it’s not the end of the world if you do open some Legendaries and Exotics. But we recommend you try and save as much as possible for later higher Levels of your character.

The reason why we said that going from Level 340 to 355 is a grind is because the Blue Engrams cap at 340. So, you will still be a little weak while doing some of the in-game activities. We recommend you sell your saved up materials for a faction level up. When you’re grinding, make sure you have a Ghost Shell on. And with the glimmer, make sure you are spending on the excess weapon and armor parts. Use the newly acquired parts by trading with the factions. Also, try getting the Strange Coins from Xer every weekend and then trade them in at factions.

After Level 350

Now things will get relatively better. You can now enjoy the Playlist and farm. And the best way to farm in the Playlist is to farm on the goal. The boss will drop some really good Blues and Legendaries. Especially the blues she drops, they will raise you to 365. Also, pay attention to modifiers on the weekly playlist.

Once you get to 365, you’re ready for the Raids and this where the main grind starts. Basically, all end game activities like Nightfall etc should be done. Also, now is a good time to open up your Exotics and Legendaries. Now you will benefit a lot because you have very high-level exotics. Had you opened them before you would have had Level 340 Exotics.

From 365 to 385, it’s a steady grind. Basically, just farm those Legendaries from mercenaries. Keep doing Raids and farming Exotics from there as well. It should be pretty easy till 370.

Some tips

Open your Ingrams one at a time and very slowly. Always check to see if the item can raise your Light level even slightly. This especially true when you’re farming them in Strike and have a massive pile of them. In this way, the Ingrams will raise your Light levels so that the next ones that drop will be of even higher level.

Don’t keep on infusing. It’s very tempting to get the best of your gear and keep infusing them. However, you will notice your Legendary marks go down very quickly and you will waste a lot of materials when you keep on Infusing.

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