In this Destiny Rise of Iron Light guide, we’ll teach you how to get a high-level Light artifact. At this point, we’re pretty sure many of you have already exceeded 360 Light. Furthermore, you are more than likely held down by an Artifact or Ghost. Of the two of those, the Artifact is the hardest to come by. The reason for this is that there are very few sources for artifacts versus other gear. In this Destiny Rise of Iron Light Guide, we will explain the best method to obtain 385 Max Light Artifacts.

destiny rise of iron light guide
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Destiny Rise of Iron Light guide for high Light level artifacts

Basically, there are three options you have to go with. First is the random approach. By that we mean when you’re encoding engrams, they might have a chance to turn into artifacts. And the way Destiny’s loot system works, chances are the engrams might decode into an artifact if you try a lot.

However, you have other two options. Firstly, you have Eris Morn. When you rank up, her packages can include artifacts. And these can be above 360 Light. In fact, artifacts from Erin can go up to 385. So, if you have Wormspore or something like that, you can exchange that for reputation. Then, if you do hit a new rank, that will be your chance for getting an artifact. However, it’s still not as reliable as our third method.

This is by far the best method we have found so far. It’s almost guaranteed to work with a very little chance of failing. However, it requires that you have a Skeleton Key. If you have Skeleton Keys and you open the chests at the end of Strikes, you get a Blue artifact among other stuff in your loot. This is almost always a high-level artifact. However, if your current equipped artifact has a much lower level than your Light level, this might not work.

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