In the Destiny Rise of Iron Khvostov Exotic Quest Tutorial, we’ll tell you how to get the schematics of the new gun. This weapon can only be obtained through its own exotic quest. We’ll be going over on how to get it and as fast as possible.

destiny rise of iron khvostov exotic quest tutorial
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Destiny Rise of Iron Khvostov Exotic Quest Tutorial

In order to begin this quest, you can do one of two things. You can either dismantle the first ever Courser that you get, the original white one. But we wouldn’t recommend doing that for nostalgic reasons since you probably had this since Vanilla. Alternatively, you can begin the quest from simply a chest in Plaguelands.

What you need is a Splicer Intel Relay. This gun unlocks a door which allows you to know the location of the chest where the gun is found.

Once you spawn into Plaguelands, you need to go from the spawn area and into the snowy version of the Cosmodrone and all the way over to the first area where the ghost revives you. At some point, you’re going to use that Intel Relay on a laser door. At the very back will be a chest. This will give you the Khvostov schematic.

Now you need to head over to Felwinter Peak. Speak to the Sheriff. he will give you the main quest for the Khvostov. He’s going to task you to find manual pages and the Khvostov parts in the patrol in Plaguelands.

Head over to that snowy Cosmodrone area once again. In the room just beyond where you normally do the three waves of enemies, you will find a part. Go further into the Strike where you find the Devil Walker. Jump down and the second part will be right next to a building.

Last part of the quest

Head all the way back through the Cosmodrone for the third and final part. Through the Divide and take a left.Go all the way to the first spot where you have the first ever boss fight. Final weapon part should be beneath a staircase.

You also need the weapon pages. You can get these by simply killing enemies in the Plaguelands. Now return to Sheriff. he’ll give you the final part of the quest. The mission is quite self-explanatory and requires tackling the Fallen in the Cosmodrone. When you defeat the boss, you will be given the Exotic Khvostov.

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