We’ll go over how to get artifacts, especially the ones that go over 385. We’re sure if you’re reading this, you must be at that awkward stage after 365 where the artifacts hold you back. You must be having trouble trying to find new ones because they’re very hard to come by. So, we’ll explain to you how to get them, from where and we’ll also give you some helpful advice for Destiny Rise of Iron guide.

destiny rise of iron guide
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Destiny Rise of Iron Guide – Here’s how to get level 385 artifacts

The most efficient and reliable way of getting an artifact is simply through grinding Eris Morn reputation. These will grant you Eris Morn packages. They will drop up to 385 artifacts. Now, the way to rank up Eris Morn is simply do Quartz of Oryx with friends. You can do it with random people in the Core. There are tons of people grinding there right now, trying to get artifacts. All of them are trying to rank up Eris and get those packages.

A quick but one-time method for getting artifacts

If you find this grind a bit too tedious, there’s a quicker way to get tons of Eris Morn reputation. It only happens once a week and that is the Crota bounty. It can be only done once a week but it gives you a massive amount of reputation. They have three steps in them and the first one will give you 250 rep. The next will give you 500 rep and the last one will give you 750 rep. So, this bounty alone will grant you the massive amount of rep.

Also, make sure that while doing these bounties and grinding for rep, you must have a Ghost Shell on. This will give you wormspores when looting engrams on Oryx’s Dreadnought You can trade the newly-acquired wormspores with Eris Morn for reputation.

The second most effective way is to use skeleton keys on chests. There’s a 50/50 chance of getting something good out of this. So, it’s quite a gamble and we recommend you consider it for last.

Wrath of the Machine

Now, there’s also another method and that involves grinding through raids in Wrath of the Machine. If you are a considerable level, you can get artifacts from the siege engine.

Now, some quick tips about the artifacts in general. Always, make sure you have your artifact as high as possible and it isn’t holding you back when you’re opening your packages.

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