Destiny Rise of Iron is yet to release but fans are already finding new content in the base game. Before we reported how some players were already seeing the loot, above the current level cap, falling from enemies. Players also got to see the Trespasser and other guns coming to Destiny Rise of Iron. Players were unable to get their hands on the gun because it requires an unknown object unavailable in the main game.

destiny rise of iron
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Destiny Rise of Iron – Here’s how to get to the secret puzzle in Felwinter Peak

1. Once you spawn in Felwinter Peak, you will be near a bonfire

2. Take a left and go up the stair case

3. Stop half-way and look above

4. You will see some wolves sitting on rocks above

5. You need to get there, so start jumping on the rocks. This is basically a jumping puzzle that requires precise bunny hopping to get on top of each consecutive rock

6. When you get to where the wolvesare, just keep going above

7. Be very careful when jumping, so as to not drop

8. Once you get to the top you will get the coveted Dormant SIVA Cluster

At the moment, we don’t know how many of these are or what they’re for. Some of them are required for the Yellow Horn Crest. However, there is speculation that collecting all of them will lead to the exotic pulse rifle.

Destiny Rise of Iron is an upcoming major expansion for Bungie’s first-person shooter, Destiny. The expansion is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2016, as the fourth expansion of Destiny. It will update the game immensely.

Let us know what you think of this puzzle guide. Destiny Rise of Iron will release shortly and we will be reporting on it as soon as it does. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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