Destiny Rise of Iron DLC will be the biggest addition to the game since Rise of Iron. The expansion will release on September 20 but Bungie is pre-loading content for Destiny players even before the DLC drops. This includes the new exotic weapon “Trespasser” and light gear above the light level cap. We give you the Destiny Rise of Iron details here.

destiny rise of iron dlc
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Destiny Rise of Iron DLC – Say hello to the Trespasser

A burst-fire sidearm. When you reload after a kill it gets a bigger and longer burst the next time you fire. The new ornament system was also introduced which basically changes skins of your weapons. They don’t work at the moment but they might after Destiny Rise of Iron DLC hits the game on September 20. At the moment you can preview the ornaments. Trespasser has one that’s Fallen-based, and one that is Crucible themed.

Exotic gear above level 335

Some players are reporting exotic loot above the 335 level cap for light. A number of exotic boots of level 338 and 339 were reportedly dropped. However, Bungie has yet to address these strange occurrences

Pre-DLC activity is also preloaded

For instance, roaming Wolves ahead of House of Wolves were introduced. Destiny Rise of Iron DLC will also increase the level cap to above 335 as players seem to be finding exotic boots above the current level cap.

Many players are searching for the Trespasser, and 338 boots at the moment. Bungie has also brought significant changes to weapons like auto rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons and more. Exotic weapons like Universal Remote, Fabian Strategy and Thorn have also received updates to their handling.

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