We tell you how to get the secret achievement in Felwinter Peak in our Destiny Rise of Iron Bell Order Guide. The achievement requires you to play the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple at Felwinter Peak.

destiny rise of iron bell order guide
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Destiny Rise of Iron Bell Order Guide

Head into the temple. Turn left from where you see Tyra Karn. Follow the path into a rather large room with a fireplace in the middle and statues of wolves on both sides of it. Following the path as we suggested to you, there should be a path leading out of this room to your left when you enter the large room. There will be stairs. Go up the stairs and you will see a rather large statue of a wolf.

Now take the stairs to your right. All you have to do is ring the bells in the right order. The bell in the middle of the room, when you take the stairs on the left, is bell number 1. Previously we asked you to take the stairs on your right. The bells starting from there are numbered from 2 to 5 in a clockwise fashion. Basically, all you have to remember is that going clockwise from bell no. 1, the numbers of the bell increase in ascending order.

Hopefully, you now understand how the sequence works. Now just ring the bell in the following sequence. 1-2-3-1-5-4-3-2-3-1-3-4. You can’t do this alone and will need someone at the bells directly across you. Because if you take too much time between bells, the sequence will restart and you will have to try again.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next highly anticipated expansion to the Destiny universe. It features an all-new cinematic story campaign set within The Plaguelands, a brand new location on Earth. Under the command of Lord Saladin, you will face a new faction of Fallen Devils, the Splicers, while unravelling the mystery of the Iron Lords. Rise of Iron features new weapons, armor, and gear, as well as a new cooperative three-player Strike, a new mode and maps for the Crucible competitive multiplayer, and an all new six-player cooperative Raid – wrath of the machine.

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