Bungie, the developer of groundbreaking Destiny have recently released a new update for the game. Players on Xbox One and PS4 can now download the update and enjoy many new things in the game.

The new update which is Destiny Hotfix, is bound to fix a number of issues that were reported earlier. The new update will also resolve all the issues that are recently discovered. All the fans who haven’t received the notifications about the new Hotfix update can download it manually as well. this will help all those players as well who are facing problems such as the abnormally long download time. Players can download the update manually by using the console’s “Check for Update” feature.

It is highly recommended that the players should also clear up the console cache before starting the download procedure. By doing so, players will not have to face the “Update not recognized” error.

The new update Hotfix is specifically launched to eliminate the problems in the Crucible. Earlier reports by the players suggest that the Elimination matches in Crucible were one of the biggest problems. Hopefully, players will not be facing this particular problem by now as the new update has fixed the issue.

Furthermore, Bungie has said that new update (Hotfix has brought many other improvements to the game as well. A lot of other bugs in the game that have been tackled in the latest update include plaguing of the Age of Triumph event. In addition, the bugs affecting the progress during the Pushing Back the Darkness quest are also now fully eradicated.

Following are the full Patch Notes for the Update (Hotfix


  • Fixed a crash when respawning with Knuckles of Eao active.


  • Fixed an issue where the Elimination round timer was stopping indefinitely when a Guardian was killed immediately after being revived in high-latency matches
  • Fixed an issue where some Flawless Trials of Osiris runs prior to the Rise of Iron Release were not being counted in the Record Book
  • Added invisible physics to prevent players from standing outside the intended playable space on Rusted Lands

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