Destiny is getting a planned patch in the form of the “Spring Update” next week (on the same day as the release of Dark Souls III, April 12th) and it brings with it a range of changes and improvements to the game. This time around, they’re focusing on Crucible balancing and making changes to the Revive System. While a full changelog is yet to come, here’s what we know about the update so far.


With the update, Crucible drop rates will be dramatically increased and players will have higher chances of earning legendary and exotic gear from PvP play. Iron Banner rewards will also be tweaked in the coming update, so that the game mode will now give Iron Banner gear instead of legendary engrams. Players at Rank 3 will now get a guaranteed 320 light level artifacts/ghosts, while Rank 5 grants will get a guaranteed 335 light level packages.

Meanwhile, reviving teammates will become way harder. Reviving will be made slower by increasing the revive timer, and players will have to be closer to their teammate in order to initiate a revive. The overshield that protects newly-revived players for a brief while will also be nerfed now. Finally, players will now begin with special ammo, which will be balanced by having the first special ammo crates no spawn until the 3-minute mark.

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