Destiny 2 will take full advantage of the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio as well as the PC as new details emerge. We especially hope it takes advantage of modern PC hardware. An open world experience like Destiny 2 as it’s being described just wasn’t made for, and can’t run on a console as it is (at least not on its most optimum settings). Bungie don’t need to do much besides making the textures better and giving the game a higher resolution. There are plenty of rumors speculating the Destiny 2 Release Date to be next year but we think a polished experience will take up more than a year to be complete.

destiny 2 release date
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Destiny 2 Release Date update

They just need to realize their initial dream and learn from the mistakes they made. With projects this large and different it’s extremely difficult to get it right the 1st time. It’s just a lesson throughout history, without seeing it you can’t get all the details right from the initial blueprints.

Personally, the biggest pitfall is the lack of boss diversity, and we dislike the PVP when compared to halo. We hate the game idea of having higher accuracy when you aim in. It’s unrealistic and it’s bad for gameplay. All it is good for is a false sense of immersion from people who think they know what close/medium quarter combat is like.

Ideas for destiny 2: Completely new classes/subclasses (with old stealth magic and tank play style). And 2 or more new races (keeping human but adding new ones) and more character/armor/gun customization with cabal raid as well. We want to see truly custom games, where you can set everyone’s loadout, specify spawn conditions (so you can have the infamous Infection), etc.

They’ll have a clean slate for weapons so hopefully, we’ll start off the bat with some solid balancing. Also, we want to see more variety in the special slot and, hopefully, that’s the case, we want to be killed by a primary more often than by a shotgun.

Let us know your thoughts on the Destiny 2 Release Date and changes that should be coming to the game.