Time to analyze some new Destiny 2 information revealed recently by the Activision CEO. This information includes an update on the Release Date, comments about the plans for DLC content and post-launch support, and more.

destiny 2 release date
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Here’s all the latest news about Destiny 2

All this information is coming via direct quotes from the Activision CEO. You can check out the full article in-depth on Gamerant, here’s what Eric had to say:

“We’re on track and excited about what we think is going to be an awesome sequel for Destiny in 2017. No announcements today on timing just yet, but what I will say is that the sequel is designed to excite both our highly engaged current players, but also to broaden the appeal even further, bringing in new fans and bringing back old fans as well. That’s our primary focus right now.”

The Release Date update is actually BIG. We had a pretty soft launch target before (barely above a rumor), but this really solidifies the timeline for release. They say they want to appeal to more players. We’re pretty sure they mean PC players. Personally, we want all the guns and Dark Guardian Weapons as suggested by the viewers to streams by Myelin Games. It would be awesome.

If they can have the world like Fallout with the Destiny gameplay that would be a game changer. We feel like that’s what they advertise in some fashion but did not deliver. Ever wonder where the Rise of Iron came from and why it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of Destiny? Two versions of Cosmodrome in the same game? Odds are, it was supposed to be the start of Destiny 2, but they cut it out as DLC.

Bungie will have to really show us that they won’t pull off the same crap with Destiny 2. “You can walk anywhere in the world.” Then remove 90% of the game one month before launch and do such a really bad job trying to piece is back together for 3 years.


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