Destiny 2 Release date news is expected to drop soon. The news follows Microsoft’s recent talks concerning the game’s impact on Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Bungie has confirmed that the want to achieve a couple of milestones before the game’s launch. According to some reports, Bungie is planning for a live stream for Destiny 2 in May 2017. The live stream will be focusing on the gameplay and how things are changing slightly on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Destiny 2 Beta is coming sooner than the release. It will be releasing on all of the platforms. This will allow the fans to test the game and get to know it before the final release. As Destiny 2 is scheduled to release sometime in September, the fans will be ready to receive the game well.

This is what we know so far about the Destiny 2 and its release. According to some of the influencers who’ve been talking to Bungie about the game have revealed some more of the crucial info about the game.

Bungie is currently planning to release more information on Destiny 2 very soon. This means that the fans will be having another teaser about the game. This can happen at the time of Age of Triumph event end.

The Age of Triumph, the raid-centric event is currently going on. Wrath of the Machines is going to release next week. According to the Destiny 2 Community Manager David Dague, the team is working really hard to get everything working for the upcoming reveals.

David recently said that-

“There is one month between now and the next drop of news about Destiny 2. If that’s what you came here for, follow up and await future notifications. We’re working behind the scenes to put on a good show.”

This itself is s teaser for the Destiny 2 fans. It came just after the latest update by Microsoft. Microsoft has been recently talking about Destiny 2’s impact on the Xbox One and how it will change certain things upon its release later this year.

Furthermore, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer have also shared his own good intentions about the upcoming Destiny 2.

Spencer was talking to Gamasutra and he said that

“So when we thought about our tools, I said okay, games are going to live longer than we’re used to them living on our platform.

Which means from the service capability and monetization standpoint, we’ve got to go build tools. So that they can continue to give content and services and other things to the customers. Seeing games like Destiny get born this generation makes a ton of sense.”

Hopefully, when Destiny 2 will finally release, it’ll bring in some good changes that will definitely satisfy the players and will as well pave the way for more titles like it.


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