Late “Paper Fortunes” indicate towards the city being distracted. Something either assaults it or causes some fiasco to happen to people living gently under the assurance of the Traveler. One specifically says “Nothing dozes everlastingly, not even the explorer”. So by what method will this tie into Destiny 2?

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Does the Guardian leave Earth in Destiny 2?

The explorer leaves Earth, bringing its light with it. Abandoning us unarmed and exposed. With our forces killed we are left vulnerable against the adversaries of dimness and the tower is annihilated. With little trust left, we endeavor to take after the explorer to its new area. Much as some other outsider species, we turn into a part of the explorers taking after. Furthermore, we take after into our first strides of the Darkness wanting to one day feel the force of the explorer at the end of the day. What’s more, that could be a potential plot for Destiny 2.

Likewise, we think about whether Rasputin will be an awful person one day. We think about whether he can control Frames and possibly has a multitude of Frames. Rasputin may even have his own particular physical body outline, for an assault supervisor or something. We think Rasputin is attempting to accumulate data about the watchmen to check whether we are solid to guarantee mankind’s presence. That is the reason he let the fallen enter its shelter more than once. That is the reason he let us deal with SIVA. Rasputin has greater arrangements for us and perhaps, quite possibly, he as of now had another base of operations where he utilizes the exo/outline body. Not including that he has weapons from the brilliant age that are obscure to anyone.

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