Destiny 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC?) has the potential to right the wrongs of Destiny and win over those who deemed the original a failure. But can it keep the longtime fans? Destiny is probably one of the most contentious games around despite being a bestseller. The game still has a strong player base which is obsessed with constantly playing it.

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Destiny 2 will go back on the missed potential the original game had

Many people already know the story behind Destiny’s tumultuous development cycle. A lot of things were left on the cutting-room floor from gameplay perspective and story/ world-building perspective. First of all, Destiny 2 will make for what it lost in the present game’s narrative. The sequel will come back with a cohesive story that will make sense. A unique world will lock more people in. The original game has all the lore but a lot of it is locked behind readable stuff. Lots of people still play Destiny for hours and still have no idea what’s going on. So, the sequel needs to take the story out of those lore cards and integrate it with the game.

Destiny 2 needs to have better reward feature for multiplayer. For example, someone is playing Supremacy and got the highest score and all he got was a Mote Of Light. Meanwhile the three players who couldn’t even get 10 crests got a legendary item. And the noob that got last place actually managed to get 2 legendary items.

We also wish they add more characterization in game rather than most of it being in the grimoire. Hell Mara is an epic badass that everyone wants to see and the five times we see her in-game are the two times in the vanilla campaign, the cinematic trailer for HOW, the end of HOW campaign (which honestly was only her voice), and the cinematic where her flag ship and the rest of her armada are destroyed by Oryx. Seems counterproductive to make an awesome character that we never get to know (besides the odd bit in grimoire).


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