In this article, we will be discussing the ability to transfer your character in the original Destiny game into Destiny 2. And why that’s extremely unlikely to happen. We will be showcasing all of the potential changes and new features that would interfere with this process. And why, quite frankly, you shouldn’t want your character to transfer directly.

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Why your characters won’t transfer over to Destiny 2 and how it’s a good thing

Does anyone have ANY idea how hard it would be to balance Destiny 2 if they were forced to include the potential to have every Destiny 1 weapon appear in the game? They’d never be able to start over and improve the game in any significant way. We’d love it if they included cosmetic stuff like emblems or shaders. The only thing Bungie will do for Destiny 1 players is give them a single shader or emblem. They won’t differentiate between year 1 alpha players or Rise of Iron noobs. Everyone will get the same stuff because they’re incredibly lazy, and we just hate that.

It also works because the systems for those items are very simple and can easily be moved into Destiny 2 and revamped without hurting their ability to keep Destiny 1 stuff. However, beyond that, there’s not much we could ask them to do without hurting the potential of the game. Players would obviously LOVE to have their character stay the same in Destiny 2. But the only possible ways they could ever hope to reasonably accomplish that would be absolutely meaningless. Unless they added a trading center where old Destiny 1 items would have enormous value. Even though they were forced to become worthless in some way so they could never be used in any remotely serious capacity. And that still isn’t anything to be that excited about.

It’s just not reasonable to do anything else. And we can’t go around blaming them for the mistakes of one idiot a long time ago.


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