Bungie’s Destiny has been a curious beast over the years. It’s received acclaim for its gameplay and FPS mechanics. The progression systems and mission design has improved significantly since launch. However, it still lacks the magic that really defined a shooter series like Halo or an MMO like World of Warcraft. Granted, it’s occupying a very uncomfortable space between MMO and FPS, suffered from its fair share of design problems and delays and wrestled with less than ideal development tools. There is still hope from Destiny 2 though, especially with a recent set of rumors that pegged it as taking place on Saturn, featuring a better architecture to facilitate quicker and more substantial updates, busier towns and more activities and so on.

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Skill based matchmaking might not return in Destiny 2

Enough is enough and it’s time for a change. Skill-based matchmaking has been a thorn in Destiny’s side. It’s not that it matches you against players of the same level or better than you. No, it’s that the search parameter searches world wide to give a match. This is a burden on players who are located geographically further from you.

Horde mode

We don’t mind horde activities but they should be optional for players. This is especially true since Bungie isn’t going to bring True Blue and Firefight any time soon. Horde activity shouldn’t be the in-game focus at any point in the development of Destiny 2.

Horde style mission objectives

The game is infamous for every single mission type being the same thing. Scan an object or door, fight waves off enemies, progress and repeat. We hope this style of gameplay doesn’t follow into the sequel.

Story telling through lore only

Currently, most of the game’s story is told through lore and not cinematic cutscenes. We want this to change in the sequel because it is fairly obvious from the Halo games that Bungie can tell engaging stories without the need to resort to walls of written text.

Terrible raid weapons

Thankfully, Rise of Iron featured strong weapons this time around. This is amazing when you consider that the last few in-game PvE activities haven’t offered many good weapons. King’s Fall had boring weapons and we don’t want any such non-sense in the sequel.


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