The Destiny 2 Beta still has no release date from Bungie but fans are treated to a new guide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new Destiny 2 guide is in Q&A form in which Bungie answers various questions asked by the fans.

According to the latest info on the Destiny 2 Beta, it offers a pre-order enticement but it isn’t given any release date as of yet. There is also no talk on what and how much content the Beta will offer exactly. If we compare it to the Beta of Destiny 1, we’ll notice that the Destiny 1 Beta offered tons of playable content. In addition, the Destiny 1 Beta remained available for ten days.

Based on what the Destiny 1 Beta offered, fans are hopeful that the new Destiny 2 beta will offer a similar type of data and that it would be in a much bigger quantity as compared to the Destiny 1 Beta. However, as the Destiny 2 Beta is still without a release date, there is no idea on what and how much of the content it’s going to offer.

The new FAQ type guide is released by Bungie recently. This FAQ confirms that how the non-pre-order customers will actually be treated. It also confirms that all the non-pre-order customers will be able to have the new Destiny 2 Beta. However, all the pre-order customers will get it first.

This hints that there will be a Closed Beta coming out early. It will be followed by an Open Beta prior to the full release of the game which is in September 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This is another big hint that the Beta will be available on all three major platforms. And it isn’t an exclusive to any such platform.

According to the Bungie’s latest message, the full details about the upcoming Beta will be released at a  later stage along with information about the early access and Open beta release dates. Bungie further says that;

“You will automatically receive beta access on the PlayStation-Store or Xbox-Store account that you pre-ordered with when the Beta launches.

Your Beta platform will be selected closer to the Beta launch. So, PC players can redeem now using a account linked to a PlayStation or Xbox account. If you don’t have either of those accounts, hold on to your code. We’ll add additional account options for PC players when we get closer to the Beta.”

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Following are the points that Bungie has discussed in the form of a Q&A guide regarding the Beta access from a number of different sources.

I pre-ordered Destiny 2 on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. How do I receive Beta access?

You will automatically receive beta access on the PlayStation-Store or Xbox-Store account that you pre-ordered with when the Beta launches.

pre-ordered at a participating retailer and received a Destiny 2 Beta Redemption code. Where do I redeem my code?

Go to and follow the instructions on the page. You will be required to log in with a valid account. Verify your accessible email address, and enter your Destiny 2 Beta redemption code.

At a later date, you will be contacted via your verified email address. When you can return to the site and retrieve your Destiny 2 Beta download code. Codes may only be redeemed once, and redemption cannot be transferred or recovered to another account.

Do I need a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to redeem my Beta code?

Currently, a account must be linked to a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account(s). We will have additional account options for PC players before the PC Beta begins.

How do I create a Account?

Go to and select the Join Up option. Your account is required to gain entrance to the Destiny 2 Beta. So, please use valid information, and never share your personal data with anyone.