Designated Survivor Season 2 has been renewed much before the thrilling finale of the debut season. The Season 1 has wrapped up the most important conspiracy by finding out who is the real culprit behind Capitol Bombing.

Now, as the makers of the series head toward the next season, speculations are rife that it will continue with the plot of tracing Patrick Llyod. The reason behind why he was involved in the bombing and is there someone else who prompted him to do it might be discussed in Season 2.

But before, digging deep into the character of Patrick Lloyd let us have a brief recap of what happened in the finale. The final episode titled “Brace The Impact” has seen that Tom Kirkman addresses the congress and reveals to the public that the report published by reporter Abe Leonard is right. He further adds, Al-Sakar was not behind the Capitol bombing. Instead, it was a group of domestic terrorists led by Patrick Lloyd, reported TV Line.

Designated Survivor 1
Photo Credit: Facebook/Designated Survivor

Role Of Patrick Lloyd In Designated Survivor Season 2

This character was introduced initially as the ex-CEO of Browning-Reed. And later it was found out that he is the founder and leader of the True Believers, responsible for the Capitol Bombing. From this revelation, it is possible that moving in the second season the writers might set up Lloyd as series’ primary antagonist, reported Mic.

The report also shares the possibility that in the Season 2, besides, Lloyd, Whitaker, and Lozano will there be any other players involved in their plans? And last but not the least, at the end of the finale Lloyd is seen taking his vehicle in an unknown location. As per the aforementioned source, this drops the possibility that Lloyd is working for someone else, perhaps even another government like Russia.

Designated Survivor Season 2 Premiere

Meanwhile, the exact premiere date of the next season of this political conspiracy drama has not been revealed yet. Looking at the past seasons’ premiere date the new season might air somewhere in September on ABC.


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