“Descendants” 2 is out and the final battle between Mal and Uma has already started creating a stir online. This crazy concluding battle in the sequel of the Disney Channel movie offers what you can say a potentially major spoiler regarding what can be expected in the third installment of the franchise. Check out more!

The much-anticipated premiere of “Descendants 2” was as thrilling as expected and most of the reviews even went as far saying that it even surpassed the first movie from the franchise. Undoubtedly the peak point of the whole sequel was when Mal transforms into a dragon to combat gigantic Uma during the epic battle.

Uma Surrenders To Mal In ‘Descendants 2’

Just as the battle, its result too was surprising for the fans. In the battle Uma eventually surrenders to Mal and decides to retreat into the Isle of the Lost, says Inquisitr. Many fans after watching the climax of the sequel have started speculating that a subject for a third movie can develop from this end and Mal can get a new path.

Even the statement by the Director of “Descendants 2,” Kenny Ortega suggests the channel may plan another movie. According to Ortega, the transformation of Mal into a dragon indicates that she still carries some of the dark sides within her, however, is trying her best to control it to the best of her abilities.

Descendants 2
Descendants 2

The director said that Mal is being protective of Ben and there is something about her DNA that turns into a large and protective version of herself instead of just becoming a dragon who can hurt anyone.

 ‘Descendants 2’ Copied The Cliffhanger Of Original Movie

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The cliffhanger of the sequel was almost similar to the original “Descendants” movie from which the second film’s story came out. Similarly, fans are speculating that the third movie will also pick up its storyline from the sequel’s cliffhanger and will start off with Mal and her power to transform into a protective dragon.