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Jill Duggar, the American television personality known for her appearances on Discovery Health channel and TLC, and her husband Derick Dillard are in the news after a controversy erupted over Derick Dillard’s tweet. Derick Dillard reportedly posted a tweet about the still-born Jubilee Duggar resembling Jill Duggar’s feet with the hashtag #prolife. Several fans found it inappropriate and took to twitter to comment nasty things.


It looks like Derick Dillard can spark off controversies with minimum effort. Jubilee Duggar’s death anniversary was observed recently. Duggar shared a post on Instagram with photos of Jubilee’s little feet and hands. The pic was apparently taken at 18 weeks gestation. Jubilee Duggar was a still-born, but others are terming it miscarriage. Derick has been condemned for two main reasons – for using the photos of Jubilee Duggar to preach his views and for comparing the child’s feet to his wife’s.


Derick Dillard Condemned For Comparing Jubilee Duggar’s Feet With Jill Duggar’s

Fans aren’t happy with Derick Dillard using the photos of Jubilee Duggar to support his pro-life stance. Twitter users reacted to the post by asking why he was using the unfortunate incident to promote his views on life. One of the comments asked to focus on his son instead of promoting his views on abortion. Another comment read – “What does pro-life have to do with miscarriage? Why use [this] to push your agenda? #lifeisnotanagenda #staahpalready.”

Derick Dillard is also being criticized for comparing the child’s feet to his wife’s. Some of the users termed it “creepy”. It looks like Derick Dillard wanted to get the spotlight and so used Jubilee Duggar’s photo to promote his stance. Recently he was under fire for alleged misuse of mission donations. Derick Dillard’s lack of netiquette and his poor choice of images and words have left his fans seething with anger. Why did Derick Dillard use Jubilee Duggar’s tiny body to promote his stance on pro-life?

It looks like Derick Dillard wanted to remain in the spotlight and wished to gain some publicity, which hasn’t gone well with his fans. It backfired and now he is being strongly condemned for the inappropriate post.


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