Denuvo Games Crack News and Updates: Wikipedia Now Lists all the Denuvo Games That Have Been Cracked

Good news for pirates and free-loaders regarding the Denuvo crack. Wikipedia now lists a crack status column besides its list of Denuvo games. If you go to the Wikipedia site and look at the table you can see that some games have “Yes” next to it while others have “No” next to it. This comes moments after numerous Reddit users started posting about recent Denuvo games getting cracked/ by-passed. Keep in mind, though, a cracked Denuvo game is not the same as a bypassed one. You still need to be logged in for a bypassed game to trick the system. While you don’t need to do that for the cracked game.

denuvo cracked
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Denuvo Crack Anti-Tamper was considered unbeatable until very recently

So hard was the anti-tamper software that popular cracking group 3DM gave up entirely and announced it won’t be cracking games from next year onwards. They further elaborated by claiming that cracking/ pirating games is going to be impossible in two years’ time.

Denuvo software was created by a group of former pirates who are part of the company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH. There were, previously, claims about the software using continuous encryption/ decryption and even writing/ reading from disk to keep the software secure. However, the company has rebuked these claims as false and has kept a lid over the intricate workings of the cryptographic software.

Popular cracked Denuvo games include Dragon Age Inquisition, Batman Arkham Knight, FIFA 15, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Mad Max. Until very recently a cracker claimed to have by-passed the Denuvo in DOOM and posted a video of the game.

Will you be buying your games? Or will you wait for them to get cracked/ by-passed? Let us know in the comments. You can check the full list of Denuvo games here.

  • Son of Liberty

    I bought the recent Doom, which has Denuvo and have had no problems running it. I will not buy games where the DRM truly hassles the legitimate paying customer, but I do not pirate them either.

    However, I do think DRM is superflouous and more developers need to realize that people will pay for something that is truly good. CD Project Red and GOG, have been successful without any kind of DRM.

  • Andi

    Denuvo had pirates a bit worried for a while but they should have kept the faith – all copy protection gets cracked in the end. Denuvo must really take it’s toll on CPU usage and I’ll bet if you like to tinker with clock speeds like I do then an overclock will mean reverification. It must also be a nuisance for some people not to be able to play a Denuvo game on multiple computers. so I hope Denuvo goes away. As for piracy itself I’m not going to justify it with a bunch of questionable politics – it is stealing in a way, but I don’t think many people lose much sleep over it considering the behaviour of big tech companies(EA, Apple, Microsoft etc). The only Denuvo game I’m interested in playing is Far Cry Primal but I don’t think I’ll be paying £39.99 for it and prices on Steam don’t seem to drop very rapidly(Far Cry 4 is still £24.99 after being out for 2 years). I bought Fallout 4 but I think I got my money’s worth with that.