There was a video recorded by somebody going to Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah. In it, Mads Mikkelsen spoke quickly about his inclusion in Death Stranding. And meeting Kojima to chip away at the venture. “He was attempting to reveal to me the entire plot of the game”. Mads said. “Also, it’s elaborate to the point that… I mean, I got lost. Be that as it may, I truly needed to take in more.”

Death Stranding

Death Stranding’s Plot Is The Most Confusing I Have Ever Seen, Mads Mikkelsen

He additionally spoke somewhat about motion capture. How it was not quite the same as what he normal does. However, Hideo Kojima made him feel truly at home and loose. Somebody from the gathering of people inquired as to whether he heard the talk about Emma Stone being included in the game. “I don’t think about that. However, I truly like that gossip,” Mads answered. “That is a dazzling talk.”

Mads was awed by Hideo Kojima’s fresh out of the box new working environment. And all the smart individuals working there. “I went to his office in Tokyo a month back and it’s totally fabulous what he’s doing there.

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