Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding was unveiled at the Sony E3 2016 press conference. But, well, it didn’t make a lot of sense. Or did it? Here we give our own suggestions and speculations over what the game might actually be about.

Death Stranding

New Death Stranding trailer leaves a lot of questions

Guillermo Del Toro (the first guy) has stitches all across his forehead in Death Stranding (a lobotomy perhaps?) The tank isn’t covered by the tentacles, they are actually coming out of it. You see some plates are bent and the tentacles are sticking out. After the water rises, several sharks or dolphin carcasses appear on both sides next to the tunnel. The cord that Guillermo sticks in the jar is attached to his abdomen (kind of like an umbilical cord). When the camera zooms on both Guillermo and the baby, the baby gives a real creepy wink at the camera.

The “ghost hands” from the first trailer return in the tunnel. Skeleton soldiers all use WW2 weapons and uniforms but the guy in the middle (Mads Mikkelsen) uses modern gear (time distortion / travel / alternate future?). The baby doll that floats into the tunnel has the same cross-figured scar as Norman Reedus had in the first trailer. The baby doll also winks at the camera (coincidence? It’s Kojima so we never know).

Did you notice the pin Guillermo had? It said “Bridges”, had an outline of the US (setting probably the US), except for a hole where NYC/DC/Eastern Megacity was/is. And a spider web pattern across the country. As for the stitches across his forehead, it could be the brain transplant theory, or it could be an outline from where he was wearing an army helmet that took a sharp blow, with the edge cutting him.


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