Hideo Kojima will have a panel on Death Stranding at PSX 2016. We’re definitely not expecting gameplay from Death Stranding but we think we are going to get a presentation on the game engine. And Kojima might tell us a bunch of other technical aspects of the game and hopefully he will shed some light on the plot as well.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding to be featured at PSX 2016

We kind of hope they don’t show a teaser trailer containing plot at PSX 2016. It has been only a couple of months since E3 and who really wants plot elements revealed years before release. Players would be fine with a small tech demo of the engine and maybe just have them talk about the development process.

The game might also hit PC as well. The possibility of a Microsoft Windows version was mentioned in a now-deleted Q&A session published on Medium months before the game’s unveiling at E3 2016. But it has not been officially announced since.

Kojima and Miyamoto both are the visionaries behind games that changed the way games were seen and made. They didn’t settle for what was already established, and their unique and original ideas inspired generations of gamers and games. Miyamoto is old now, and his contribution to this medium has already been made, but Kojima is just getting started. This game, and this man, are at the forefront of the video game medium, and whatever it ends up being. We’re betting that he will prove to be the next Miyamoto, and not the next Romero.


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