We’ve wondered the same question ourselves. Even though we love Kojima to death. The thing is, it’s often a fine, fine line between those two things. Between meaningless junk and brilliant art. So we still worry no matter who’s at the helm of the project. We hope it turns out as amazing, mindblowing and artistic as the trailers make it out to be, though. Kojima has (personally) rarely let us down yet. We know some may disagree and name examples but we’re just speaking for those who are on Kojima’s side regarding Death Stranding.

Death Stranding

Will Death Stranding be good or bad?

And to add to the title of this article: If you think the teasers are meaningless, GUESS AGAIN. Or rather, wait till the game has come out so that you can connect the A to the B to the C, etc. So that you won’t get confused. Kojima might be too full of himself. But he is a genius for giving content with the combined mindset of west and asian with interesting ambiguous characters and story you haven’t seen before. Not to mention his innovation in gaming in general.

Also, Kojima Productions confirmed Guillermo’s character will be voiced and acted out by someone else in Death Strading. They’ll only be using Guillermo’s likeness which they’ve already scanned into the system. So someone else (read: NOT Guillermo himself) will be there being performance/voice captured while they “copy/paste” Guillermo’s face and body onto it. So there’s no concern about Guillermo not being a voice actor or performance capture actor since someone is who IS will be doing it anyway.


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