Prior today Hideo Kojima posted a couple fascinating tweets with respect to the motion capture of his up and coming open world game Death Stranding. The tweets feature a conceivable female lead experiencing facial capture for Death Stranding. However, Kojima being “Kojima” is not inspired by uncovering who the performer is. Rather he abandons us with enough insights to make some figured speculations.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding Adds Emma Stone To The Game

For some time, Kojima has been tweeting a great deal about “La La Land”. This includes Hollywood’s Emma Stone. Truth be told, back in December a year ago, he posted a progression of tweets in which he said meeting a performer that he’s been a fan for just about ten years. In a similar arrangement of tweets, he likewise said something dubious about La La Land. He expressed, “For sure here’s “La La Land”. This is where dreams are both made and broken”. You can look at the tweets on Twitter. Yet the point that we are attempting to make is that he conceivably met Emma Stone.

Presently if this is valid than his current tweets may potentially demonstrate that he has chosen Emma Stone for Death Stranding. Before he tweeted the previously mentioned pictures of motion capture he posted a picture of a female mannequin wearing a beanie. It has “Lionsgate” composed over it. What’s more, do you know what “Lionsgate” is? Lionsgate is a studio which was specifically required with La La Land. Presently on the off chance that you associate Kojima’s tweets back in December alongside what he shared today, is it a plausibility that Emma Stone is working with him in Death Stranding?

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