Android is a highly customizable OS. Users can swap wallpapers, font, icons and what not. For this very reason, we have countless launchers available in the Google Play Store. In case, you are one of those who pretty much changes everything default, we have some great deal alert for you. Right now, around 12 icon packs are temporarily available for zero cost.

Icon pack

Even if you don’t want to use the icon pack right now, we suggest you give them a visit once. Once purchased during the free period, they will be yours forever for free.

Following is the list of icon packs available for free in the Google Play Store right now:

Krix Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Mellow Dark – Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Willx Icon Pack (normally $1.00)

MINIMALE VINTAGE Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Lens Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Coffee Icon Pack (normally $1.49)

DARKMATTER VINTAGE Icon Pack, pictured above (normally $0.99)

TwoPixel Dark Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

TwoPixel Light Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Rest Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

PIXXO – Pixel Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Rock Faitel’s Icon Pack (normally $0.99)

Just to be clear, you will still need to have a launcher supporting the icon pack installed on your smartphone. For example, Action Launcher 3 or Nova Launcher. Not all icon packs support all launchers, but you can learn the same in the details of the icon pack on the homepage.

Do let us know which icon pack wins your vote in the comments section below. Stay hooked to for more offers in the future.


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