According to a report by CheckPoint, a cyber security firm, DDoS attacks have become very popular since the first month of this year. These attacks have now become a very lucrative way to take revenge from former employers, boyfriends and other foes and thus have raised a new market of online of hackers who do the job for you.

A recent case study from Arbor Networks showed that a crook who rents his DDoS botnet can easily make on an average $66 per attack and around $54 in a day.


Also, some hackers use these botnets of infected computers to launch a well-coordinated attack on big businesses to extort money from them. This scam is known as DDoS-for-Bitcoin.

This much surge in numbers of DDoS attacks has put Dorkbot botnet, a double-edged malware into the list of top three malware families of January 2016. It followed close behind the famous malware like Conficker and Sality. Darkbot botnet can steal passwords from your PC and transforms your computer into a bot in a DDoS network.

Law enforcement agencies together with ESET and Microsoft have already announced in December that they have managed to shut down the main command and control servers of Dorkbot. But still it has managed to rise exponentially in the next month, this shows that these sort of underground cybercrime organizations are hard to stop and can be countered only digitally by developing such tools and devices.

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